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EQSC2501 – Equine Internship pdf

Credits: 6 (0/0/6)
Description: This course will provide the student practical experience and on-the-job training relevant to the equine industry. The internships will take place at sites throughout the country or world. These sites are all working farms, ranches, clinics, breeding facilities, stables, etc. All disciplines (English, western, ranch, breeding, veterinary, riding, training, showing, etc.) are represented in order to meet a student's specific area of interest. Students will be required to meet written goals and objectives and undergo evaluations from their host supervisors. Student academic progress will also be monitored via the M State online learning platform.
Prerequisites: EQSC1001
Corequisites: None
  1. Explain safety protocol when handling horses.
  2. Outline safety procedures for a farm/ranch/stable.
  3. Outline the principles of basic horse care.
  4. Express the knowledge of basic breeds, colors and uses of horses.
  5. Explain the principles of basic horse health care.
  6. Summarize the principles of equine nutrition and feeding.
  7. Demonstrate fundamental principles of horse training.
  8. Identify types and uses of equine tack.
  9. Outline procedures involved in basic horse riding.
  10. Describe horse transportation procedures.
  11. Summarize equine breeding protocols.
  12. Summarize foaling and foal care procedures.
  13. Illustrate methods of sales marketing and execution.
  14. Demonstrate basic english and/or western riding skills.
  15. Explain what is involved in boarding facility work.
  16. Summarize the principles of discipline specific training and showing.
  17. Demonstrate personal responsibily.
  18. Demonstrate a strong work ethic.
MnTC goal areas: None

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