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HCCC1000 – Healthcare Core Curriculum pdf

Credits: 4 (4/0/0)
Description: The Healthcare Core Curriculum is a standardized 64-hour competency-based course introducing students to health care careers. The course includes basic knowledge health care workers need in order to contribute to the delivery of safe and effective care in rapidly changing health care environments. Students who take the Nursing Assistant Skill Set concurrently will be prepared to take the nursing assistant certification examination.
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: Students interested in taking the nursing assistant certification exam are required by the MN Department of Health to take HCCC 1001 Nursing Assistant Skill Set concurrently.
  1. Describe behaviors consistent with a successful career in the health care industry.
  2. Differentiate between health care career fields, credentials and pathways.
  3. Describe how health care workers effectively communicate with clients, families and team members.
  4. Describe how ethics and legal issues influence the care of clients.
  5. Demonstrate teamwork.
  6. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving.
  7. Demonstrate ability to manage conflict.
  8. Describe how health care workers demonstrate an awareness and sensitivity to clients' needs.
  9. Discuss safety in health care settings.
  10. Discuss application of standard precautions in health care settings.
  11. Demonstrate personal and social responsibility.
  12. Demonstrate effective use of information technology.
MnTC goal areas: None

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