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HITM2211 – Basic Pharmacology for Coders pdf

Credits: 2 (2/0/0)
Description: This course introduces the coding student to basic pharmacology concepts and drug categories as related to current coding guidelines. Emphasis is placed on commonly used drugs and their effects on body systems. Drug reference utilization is included.
Prerequisites: HLTH1116
Corequisites: None
  1. Identify drug classifications.
  2. Review dosage calculations.
  3. Define administration routes of medications.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of applicable drugs by organ systems.
  5. Interpret symbols and abbreviations.
  6. Utilize drug references.
  7. Define medication key terms.
  8. Apply pharmacology knowledge to medications to support coding documentation.
  9. Interpret and compile drug statistics as necessary for patient usage.
  10. Apply legal aspects and integrity of pharmacology filing and retrieval of drug information
MnTC goal areas: None

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