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HLTH1112 – Introduction to Home Health pdf

Credits: 1 (1/0/0)
Description: This course builds on the nursing assistant course to introduce the concepts of home care services and the goals and responsibilities of a home health aide. Topics of food and meal management, nutrition, basic emergency care procedures, documentation and reporting, ethics and confidentiality, and homemaking skills make up the foundation of this course. Care needs of special populations such as chemically dependent, developmentally delayed, pediatrics and the handicapped are also discussed within this course. This course meets the requirements of the Minnesota Department of Health Home Health Aide course, and successful completion makes the student eligible to take the State Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide registry exam.
Prerequisites: HLTH1115
Corequisites: None
  1. Recognize home care ethical, legal, reportable and confidential issues.
  2. Identify proper food and meal management techniques for regular and modified diets.
  3. Identify care adaptations needed for special care clients within the home care setting.
  4. Describe safe competent health and homemaking skills needed to provide holistic care in the home.
MnTC goal areas: None

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