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PARA2216 – Paralegal Internship pdf

Credits: 3 (0/0/3)
Description: The paralegal internship provides students with the opportunity to apply the concepts and principles they have learned in a practical professional work environment under the supervision of a lawyer. Students complete an internship in which they perform the duties of a paralegal.
Prerequisites: ENGL1101
Corequisites: PARA2202
  1. Adhere to dress code policies as determined by employer.
  2. Exhibit a respectful attitude toward the employer and other personnel in the office.
  3. Comply with the agreed-upon work schedule with the employer.
  4. Apply technology in a professional legal environment.
  5. Protect client-attorney confidentiality.
  6. Apply academic paralegal studies concepts in a professional workplace environment.
  7. Work under the supervision of a licensed attorney and with others in a law office or agency setting.
  8. Apply the rules of professional responsibility applicable to licensed attorneys and others in professional legal environments.
  9. Prepare a weekly timesheet.
MnTC goal areas: None

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