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PHIL1211 – Introduction to Philosophy pdf

Credits: 3 (3/0/0)
Description: Meets MnTC Goal Areas 2 and 6. This course is an introduction to the basic branches of philosophy including metaphysics (the study of existence and what existence means), epistemology (the study of knowledge and how we come to understand), ethics (the study of what we should do), politics (the study of how societies should exercise force) and aesthetics (the study of beauty and art). Students can expect to explore their own understanding of the world and test it against the classical works of Western philosophy.
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
  1. Identify specific philosophical theories and the context in which they were developed.
  2. Explain how theories relate to one another especially with regard to their place in history.
  3. Critique the works of a major philosopher and philosophical movements.
  4. Construct informed and relevant reactions to the philosophic works presented.
  5. Generate and formulate positions regarding epistemological and metaphysical problems.
  6. Examine philosophical concepts and problems from a variety of worldviews.
  7. Analyze and articulate the logical connections between the premises and the conclusions of philosophical arguments.
  8. Assess the theoretical and practical implications that follow from philosophical arguments.
  9. Identify the philosophical presuppositions made by philosophical movements and participants from the various branches of philosophy.
MnTC goal areas:
  • 2. Critical Thinking
  • 6. The Humanities and Fine Arts

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