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PSYC2220 – Abnormal Psychology pdf

Credits: 3 (3/0/0)
Description: Meets MnTC Goal Area 5. This course is an introduction to the diagnosis, etiology and treatment of maladaptive behavior. The course will include historical and theoretical approaches, prevention and community resources.
Prerequisites: (None)
Corequisites: (None)
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of research methods and theories used in the study of abnormal behavior and treatment methods.
  2. Examine explanations and treatments of psychological disorders from a historical perspective.
  3. Explore and critique alternative explanatory theories for psychological disorders and alternative treatment methods used by each.
  4. Differentiate between major types of mental health diagnoses.
  5. Compare commonly misunderstood diagnosis.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the five axes of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  7. Apply the five Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disdorders axes to a case study of a psychological abnormality.
  8. Explain the etiology and treatment of a psychological abnormality from five different psychological perspectives.
  9. Examine the pros and cons of deinstitutionalization.
  10. Evaluate a movie depicting mental illness in terms of accuracy, ethics, and stereotypes.
MnTC goal areas:
  • (5) History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences

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