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SURT1250 – Surgical Clinical I pdf

Credits: 6 (0/0/6)
Description: This course allows the student to practice the role of the surgical technologist under supervision in an active surgical setting.
Prerequisites: SURT1200
Corequisites: SURT1230
  1. Demonstrate professionalism.
  2. Demonstrate correct use of pick lists to set up operating suite.
  3. Maintain patient safety according to facility policy.
  4. Maintain asepsis according to facility policy.
  5. Perform surgical scrub, gowning and gloving.
  6. Receive sterile supplies from circulator.
  7. Perform correct draping for different procedures.
  8. Prepare medications according to facility policy.
  9. Perform the correct setup of supplies.
  10. Perform surgical reconcilliation counts according to hospital and facility policy.
  11. Manipulate surgical instrumentation to anticipate surgical team needs.
  12. Verify and identify all specimens obtained.
  13. Perform sterilization procedures.
  14. Clean and restock equipment and supplies as needed.
  15. Apply principles of robotics.
  16. Perform patient skin preparation under the direction of the circulator.
  17. Perform the correct setup of instruments and equipment.
  18. Perform the correct setup of surgical fields.
MnTC goal areas: None

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