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SURT1255 – Surgical Clinical II pdf

Credits: 6 (0/0/6)
Description: This course introduces the student to patient care in an operating room in the role of surgical technologist.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of all SURT courses with a C or better.
Corequisites: SURT1240
  1. Perform draping correctly for each surgical procedure.
  2. Demonstrate proper handling of equipment.
  3. Perform and reconcile tally counts per hospital policy.
  4. Maintain asepsis, including surgical scrub, gown and glove of self and other team members.
  5. Obtain and handle specimens per hospital policy.
  6. Maintain sterile field.
  7. Establish perioperative priorities.
  8. Anticipate needs of surgical team members.
  9. Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior.
  10. Insert urinary catheter.
  11. Complete required documentation of the surgical procedure in the medical record correctly.
  12. Verify informed consent and operative permit.
  13. Demonstrate safe handling of infectious/hazardous waste.
  14. Assist with preparation and administration of medication.
  15. Prepare hemostatic agents and devices; accurately calculate blood loss.
  16. Read and understand surgeon preference cards.
  17. Perform surgical procdures at an entry-level competency for the first scrub role.
  18. Apply knowledge of surgical case flow to clinical practice.
MnTC goal areas: None

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