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THTR1120 – Theatre Performance Practicum pdf

Credits: 2 (0/2/0)
Description: Meets MnTC Goal Area 6F. This course is intended for students who participate as performers in a main stage or approved theatrical production. May be repeated twice.
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
  1. Audition and accept a role in a main stage or other approved theatrical production.
  2. Engage in the creative process by attending and cooperating in required rehearsals.
  3. Memorize character lines, cues and blocking.
  4. Create meaning for a live audience by applying vocal and nonverbal communication in the development of character.
  5. Enhance character development through makeup and costuming.
  6. Collaborate with actors and directors to create an authentic theatrical experience.
  7. Apply basic terminology of the theatre during rehearsal and performance.
MnTC goal areas:
  • 6. The Humanities and Fine Arts

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