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WINE1201 – Food and Wine Pairing pdf

Credits: 3 (3/0/0)
Description: This course offers students the experience of observing and tasting how different wines affect food and how food affects different wines. The class takes into consideration food preparation methods, textures, acidic levels, taste and spice profiles, as well as characteristics of wine and wine servings including light, medium and heavy body; sweet vs. dry; sparking or non-sparkling; chilled vs. non-chilled; low- or high-alcohol; and acid levels. Students will compare the historical rules of pairing to the evolving rules that reflect the standards of current societal trends. Note: All persons must be at least 21 years of age and have a photo ID as proof of age before enrolling.
Prerequisites: WINE1100 AND Note: All persons enrolling must be of at least 21 years of age and present a photo ID.
Corequisites: (None)
  1. Examine how food can affect wine and how wine can affect food.
  2. Compare different cooking methods and how they affect wine selection.
  3. Examine food texture and flavor criteria used to make wine parings.
  4. Compare alcohol content in wine and how it pairs with different foods.
  5. Interpret wine style charts use to pair food and wine.
  6. Learn selection criteria for different wine glasses and decanters.
  7. Learn proper order of wine service.
  8. Understand the process and importance of palate cleansing.
  9. Create multi course menu using food and wine paring skills and glass and decanter selection knowledge.
MnTC goal areas: (N/A)

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