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Technical Services

Technical Services provides overall support for our campus network. The Technical Services staff provides a range of services to help maintain the resources that help our College function on a daily basis. Technical Services include:
  • Telecommunications
  • Servers and networking
  • Video surveillance
  • Digital signage
  • Account services for faculty/staff; management of the Novell directory system; Groupwise
  • DNS management and updates
  • DHCP management
  • Management and design of campus network infrastructure
  • Firewall and other secure access services
  • Wireless networking management and design
  • Backup and restoration of operating system and user files
  • Security and operating system maintenance of central servers
  • Installation of classroom AV equipment
Dan KnudsonTitle: Interim CIO/Director of Technical Services
Office Phone: (218) 736- 1657

Last modified: February 5th, 2014 at 11:13am