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Student Human Resource Organization - Moorhead

The Student Human Resource Organization (SHRO) is a co-curricular group designed to acquaint students who are considering a future in business with the field of human resource management and/or labor relations. Students learn about new developments in the human resource field and develop leadership and content competencies through interaction with human resource professionals and participation in college and community events. Students are also able to join the national Society for Human Resource Management, allowing further development of their professional skills.
  • Melissa Wilson - President
  • Britta Sather - Vice President
  • Alice Bjerk - Student Life Officer
  • Kelsey Powers - Administrator
  • Danyelle Eichele- Public Relations
  • Loren Haagenson - Club Advisor

For more information, please contact club adviser Loren Haagenson.

Upcoming Semester Meeting Dates

November 27th RM A113 11:00am

December 8th RM B143 11:30am

January 22nd RM TBA 9:00am

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