Peggy Ann Anderholm for Marvin Windows and Doors

Peggy Ann Anderholm for Marvin Windows and Doors


Partnerships & Success Stories

Click Here to hear what Peggy Ann Anderholm, Training Director at Marvin Windows and Doors, Warroad, Minnesota, has to say about their Corporate College program.

When working with CTS, you will find one-of-a-kind solutions that open new doors or seize strategic opportunities. We:

  • Stabilize Manufacturing
  • Maximize productivity
  • Optimize equipment usage
  • Strengthen employee skills

Additionally, we can jump-start a new technology, revise an unsafe practice, reinvent a worn-out paradigm, or resurrect your company pride. Often, the results are amazing! Check out our clients' success stories. See how different they are, and notice what each winning strategy has in common. They all produce continual improvement in the quality of every system. They all demonstrate outstanding long-term relationships. In every case, the success story begins when you contact "Custom Training Services".


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