Medication Administration

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CTS Courses Offer Flexibility:

Medication Administration Course is one example

Minnesota State Community and Technical College offers endless training options for organizations through Custom Training Services (CTS). Custom means the curriculum and the delivery methods are designed specifically for a client's training needs.

Depending on an organization's needs, employees can train on a M State campus or other location, at the employer site, or online. Curriculum can be college credit based or skill based to meet desired outcomes.

For example, in the Allied Health & Emergency Services area, CTS offers a Medication Assistant II/Medication Administration for Unlicensed Personnel course. The course trains unlicensed personnel in nursing homes, boarding care homes, group homes, schools and other settings, to administer medications in Minnesota or North Dakota.

Part of the course's flexibility is its ability to meet the licensing needs for both states. The 48-hour classroom/lab course meets Minnesota requirements for medication administration. This course, plus an additional 32-hour clinical component (following the classroom portion), meets North Dakota requirements as a Medication Assistant II.

Adding to its flexibility, the course can be taught by CTS faculty on the Moorhead campus, or the curriculum is offered as a package to a medical facility and can be taught on site by that facility's personnel.

"As an instructor, I have found that those enrolled in the course must be truly committed to their work, possess a strong desire to learn and have the ability to complete the challenging course," says Marnie Ammons, who teaches for CTS.

"The training I received at the nursing home prepared me for this next step; I have learned so much, and I continue to learn every day," says Jami, an employee at Perham Memorial Hospital and Home. "Being a TMA has given me the opportunity to get to know the residents even better. I love my job!"

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