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Architectural Drafting and Design Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Locations: Detroit Lakes

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Meet the faculty

Randy Roberts
Instructor - Architectural Technology
Detroit Lakes
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Program Highlights

  • "The smaller class sizes allow us to learn hands on very easily." Second year architectural student
  • "I have learned more in a year than I every expected to know." First year architectural student
  • "Architectural Desktop makes designing a building a lot of fun." First year architectural student
  • The Architectural Student Association provides an opportunity for students to work with clients.
  • Service Learning projects allow students to provide design and drafting services to organizations.
  • Field trips allow students to experience on-site construction as well as larger urban environments.
  • Work in architectural and engineering offices throughout the United States.
  • Learn modeling and animation in advanced electives. Turn your design idea into a movie!
  • Learn to explore the World Wide Web and incorporate products from manufacturers into CAD files.
  • Capture digital photos and learn to incorporate them into building models and animations.
  • Tour the Twin Cities parade of homes as a class. View design trends from affordable to elaborate.

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