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Moorhead Full Info Plan Only

Credits breakdown

Developmental courses — A student may be required to enroll in developmental courses in reading, writing and math. A student's scores on the Accuplacer assessment will determine enrollment in developmental courses. The purpose of developmental courses is to prepare students for the demands of a college-level curriculum. Credits may vary.

Course # Course Title Credits
Pre-Hygiene Courses
BIOL2202 Principles of Nutrition
Goal: 2, 3 *
BIOL2260 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3
BIOL2262 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3
BIOL2267 Medical Microbiology 3
CHEM1100 Fund Concepts Chemistry
Goal: 2, 3 *
DENT1102 Dental Anatomy 2
DENT1103 Introduction for Dental Health Care Providers 2
ENGL1101 College Writing
Goal: 1 *
PSYC1200 General Psychology
Goal: 5, 9 *
SOC1111 Intro to Sociology
Goal: 2, 5, 7 *
DENT1100 Biomaterials 3
DENT1104 Dental Health Care Providers II 1
DENT1106 Dental Radiology Lecture 3
DENT1122 Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence 1
DNHY1104 Dental Anatomy Lab 1
DNHY1106 Head and Neck Anatomy 2
DNHY1108 Oral Histology and Embryology 2
DNHY1109 Radiology Lab 2
DNHY1110 Principles I 2
DNHY1112 Dental Hygiene Practice I 3
DNHY1118 Oral Pathology 2
DNHY1119 Dental Hygiene Principles II 4
DNHY1123 Dental Hygiene Practice II 5
DNHY1124 Pain Control Lab 2
DNHY1130 Dent Hygiene Prin III 1
DNHY1132 Dent Hygiene Prac III 1
DNHY1136 Dental Pharmacology 2
DNHY2210 Dent Hygiene Prin IV 2
DNHY2213 Dent Hygiene Prac IV 6
DNHY2219 Periodontology 2
DNHY2220 Dent Hygiene Prin V 1
DNHY2223 Dent Hygiene Prac V 6
DNHY2226 Community Dental Hygiene 4
DNHY2240 Clinical Affiliation I 1
DNHY2246 Clinical Affiliation II 1

Total Credits: 88

* To complete an AAS degree, courses must be taken from at least 3 of the 10 MNTC Goal Areas.


About this program

The Dental Hygiene program provides knowledge and skills to perform critical dental services that detect, prevent and treat diseases of the mouth while working as part of a dental team. Students who complete the program will leave with the skills to provide current, comprehensive dental hygiene services and may find employment in a variety of settings including private dental offices, schools, hospitals and public health clinics. Students interested in an advanced degree in dental hygiene or a related field have a number of transfer options to four-year colleges and universities. The Minnesota Board of Dentistry requires BCA and FBI criminal background checks and fingerprint analysis prior to initial licensure in the state of Minnesota.

Program outcomes

1. Demonstrate clinical competence required to provide current comprehensive dental hygiene services.
2. Communicate effectively with patients, peers and dental health team providers by utilizing professional written and oral communication.
3. Exhibit ethical behavior consistent with dental professional conduct.
4. Utilize current technology relevant to the dental profession.
5. Demonstrate basic dental office management skills.
6. Apply current concepts of infection control and occupational safety.

Admissions information

You must have been accepted into Minnesota State Community and Technical
College and this form MUST be completed by the STUDENT and returned to the
admissions department before he/she will be considered for acceptance into
the dental hygiene program. The STUDENT is responsible to have all
transcripts and applications to Minnesota State Community and Technical
College, Moorhead, before the March 1st deadline of the year you wish to be
considered for full acceptance into the hygiene program. If you are
currently taking a course, please put the semester the course will be
completed. Accepted students will be required to be certified in 1st Aid and CPR and current in

Having completed the courses does NOT guarantee acceptance into the hygiene program. Only the top 20 students from the Applicant Assessment form will be accepted.

Minnesota State Community and Technical College - Moorhead requires a math
level of Math 008 for Fund. Concepts Chem. 1100.Your assessment test will
tell you which math you should begin with.

Employment information

The demand for dental hygiene services will continue to outgrow supply nationwide into the foreseeable future. The dental hygiene profession has grown from a technical position into a starting point for various forms of employment including sales, marketing, restorative functions, dental healthcare practioner, education, research and small business owner. Dental hygiene is a profession where flexible hours, healthy work place environment and life-long learning abound.

Program accreditation

The program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. The College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, (800) 621-7440, 30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602-2504.