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Credits breakdown

Developmental courses — A student may be required to enroll in developmental courses in reading, writing and math. A student's scores on the Accuplacer assessment will determine enrollment in developmental courses. The purpose of developmental courses is to prepare students for the demands of a college-level curriculum. Credits may vary.

Course # Course Title Credits
ARCH1122 Computer Aided Drafting for Architecture 4
ARCH1126 Residential Project I 3
ARCH2220 Specification Writing for Construction 3
ARCH2226 Residential Project II 4
ARCH2230 Mechanical and Electrical Integration 2
ARCH2232 Civil and Structural Integration 3
ARCH2236 Architectural Presentation 2
ARCH2244 Commercial Projects 4
ARCH2248 CADD Alternatives 3
ARCH2250 Project Administration 2
BLDG1114 Blueprint Reading I 2
CADD1102 Fundamentals of CADD 4
CIVL1000 Introduction to Civil Engineering Technology 2
CONM1108 Principles of Estimating 4
CONM1124 Building Systems 3
CONM2206 Building Codes 2
ENGR1100 Project Management 1
ENGR1118 Engineering Applications 3
ENGR1126 Engineering Graphics 3
ENGR1134 Office Systems and Equipment 3
MNTC Courses
COMM1120 Introduction to Public Speaking
Goal: 1 *
ENGL1101 College Writing
Goal: 1 *

MNTC Electives ...


Total Credits: 72

* To complete an AAS degree, courses must be taken from at least 3 of the 10 MNTC Goal Areas.


About this program

Students completing this program will be prepared to obtain employment with architectural and engineering firms, contractors and a variety of manufacturing and distributing companies related to the construction industry. Computer-aided drafting is an important tool for the construction industry and the design professions and is an important part of the Architectural Technology program. This program teaches students the principles of residential and commercial building technology, as well as the drafting skills to apply them. Students also will be enrolled in general education courses selected to complement their technical education. This degree can allow students to continue their education in a number of baccalaureate programs at four-year institutions.

Program outcomes

1. Demonstrate professional work behavior and communication.
2. Report existing conditions of buildings and site layouts.
3. Calculate material quantities and final costs of building projects.
4. Analyze relationships between building systems in coordination with architectural drawings.
5. Create and present relevant design concepts.
6. Produce architectural construction drawings utilizing CAD software.

Employment information

This field will continue to seek high demand. Employment opportunities include:
*Consulting Engineers
*Housing Manufacturers
*Manufacturers and Suppliers of Building Products

Program accreditation

The College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, (800) 621-7440, 30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL 60602-2504.